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    david bradley

    Hi Guys,

    One of my tenants on a joint tenancy (18 year daughter) keeps moving in and out. Each time she moves out her mother calls and tells me and request I rehouse her in a smaller property.

    I know I am responsible to notify the council as soon as a tenant vacates so they can stop the LHA, however as this is so flippant I don’t want to stop the benefit, move the mother out to a property she can afford then find out that they want to move again because the family are back together, or mess about with housing apps.

    One problem is they only have a small deposit down and I receive a healthy rent for maintaing them as tenants. They don’t really have any incentive to furfill there contract and I don’t have any leverage such as guarantors to keep them living in the house.

    Taking a cold hard landlord approach ‘I couldn’t give a toss about there day today domestics’ however I do have the responsibility to notify the council if she is not living there.

    Any suggestions how I can protect my liability/responsibility?


    If the 18 year old is just moving out on a very temp basis and is really still living in the property then the 13 week absence rules will apply and she will still be entitled to HB. So this type of spat between mother and teenage daughter may not affect your position. Hardly uncommon! But I do see your problem. I would just keep an eye on the property to see if they just move out permanently.

    david bradley

    Thanks, 13 week rule… Great to know about.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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