Shortend Claim Forms for Child Benefit Changes

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    We have identified we have around 600 cases where HB is in payment and there is no CTB.

    Our plan is to isolate the new notifications and send all of these customers just receiving HB a letter asking them to confirm there circumstances are still as they were on the letter and then return the form to us and the just calculate the CTB! Has anyone else made plans for what they will do??



    We’ve run a potential qualifier report from 02 Nov 2009 and identified 400+ cases where HB is currently in payment with no CTB but entitlment restarts in Nov.

    We’re working through that report and issuing letters to the claimant asking them to complete and return the slip at the bottom of the letter confirming they now wish to claim CTB.

    Incidentally we’ve already done the same where CTB is in payment with no HB but where HB entitlement restarts in Nov. Far fewer cases, probably just into double figures, but still significant to those affected

    Julian Hobson

    Can I take it that you have already changed your systems to reflect the change and have calculated CTB (or HB) from 02 Nov in advance ? If not how do you know they will qualify from 02 Nov, just interested in how you have gone about the predicting ?

    Neil Adamson

    Sunnyjim – can I ask what system you use?


    Yes we actioned the changes in advance and we use academy.

    Neil Adamson

    Is that something you devised yourself as we are also on academy and our guys advised we couldnt run a job to pick up potential qualifiers?


    Academy had a hb9070 – Potential Qualifiers Report

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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