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    I hope you guys can shed some light onto this for me.

    claimant has put a new claim for hb and ctb, all information has been recieved except for the agent authorisation form because l/l has specified all payments to go to agent. assessor has pended claim awaiting for agent authorisation details.

    my arguement is that claim should:-
    1) be made active and payments should be sent to claimant
    2) claim should be made active and suspended awaiting for agent authoirsation form.

    what is the right way of dealing with this? 😕


    Hi Nadia,

    Im not sure which system you use, but we are using Acadmey and if we set up a brand new claim we can not suspend until a payment has been made.

    Has the claimant requested landlord direct? As you have only mentioned the landlord requesting this.

    For stats purposes it would be a good idea to set up the award and send the payments to the claimant, unless you have any reasons that the claimant should not receive the payments.

    Have you considered making the first payment to the claimant in the name of the landlord or letting agent. I believe that your case would be ok for this as you can be of the opinion that the claimant has not already paid the landlord for the period of entitlement as landlord direct has been requested, and it would be in the interest of efficient administration to get the claim into payment. A bit long winded sorry about that.

    Hope this helps, but will enjoy seeing any other views.


    thanks steve for the reply.

    we use iworld and it does allow us to make claim active and then suspend payments.

    the claimant has requested payments to go to agent/l/l too, but the first payment could easily be made to the claiamnt as she is less than 8 weeks in arrears.

    I have been checking an assessor on the assessment of this claim and have sent this back to her as an error, which now is in dispute as she doesn’t agree with me.

    (i shall take your lonely reply with me when it finally gets sorted)

    thanks again.


    We’re an SX3 site and I wonder if you have paid the CTB claim irrespective of the agent details? However, having said that, I would leave the HB registered until the agent details have been supplied. If they aren’t by the end of the month (or such extension as may be agreed) then I would be inclined to pay the claimant and then leave it as a matter between them to sort out. You’ll be paying the claimant anyway once LHA comes in, as far as I am led to believe.

    NB is the claimant in arrears of eight weeks or more?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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