Single person or a couple??

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    I have a claim, where the claimant was claiming as a single person, living with his disabled son, of whom he is the carer and claiming Savings Credit.

    He’s informed us that he’s now married, however, his wife isn’t living with him. She’s still living in her home in Cambridge where she works full-time and is paying her Council Tax as a single person.

    He’s still residing in Nottingham as he says he can’t leave due to his son’s disabilities and him being his son’s carer.

    How should his claim be assessed, i.e. should he still be treated as a single person and using his income details only, or should he be treated as a couple and his wife’s income and capital be taken into account? He’s no longer receiving Savings Credit since he got married as he told the Pension Service he no longer wished to claim. I don’t know what his wife’s income or capital details are.

    As this is quite an unusual case, I would be pleased if you could give me any help.




    As they do not maintain a common household you would still treat him as a single person, but are you sure wife hasn’t moved in? I have a council tax case where occupier has partner moved in but she is pretending to the world that he maintains his former home. He continues to be the liable person there even though it is rented out. Just a thought


    Thank you for your response, much appreciated. That’s what I thought and that’s how i’ve assessed it, but now my decision is being queried 😀

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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