Size Criteria changes = DHP reduction

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    Has anybody seen anything official about DHP being reduced to £150m due to changes to foster carer for the size crireria.

    IDS made his statement in Parliament 12 March and you could read into it that DHP would remain in place for other priority cases, meaning it would be reduced, but nothing specific.

    Now see the link below from DWP dated 27 February:

    Psychic or what?

    I have trawled through every website imaginable to find something specific about DHP being reduced but this factsheet is the only reference I could find. Members and MP's have become exceptionally interested in DHP as everytime an unprotected group is mentioned IDS says 'DHP'. I now need to flag whether we should expect less DHP grant in a revised S Circular any day but don't want to just rely on this factsheet.

    Any pointers?

     :~ confused of Cambridge! 



    chris harvey

    I think the grant will be reduced from the £155m detailed in the circular to the £150m indicated in the factsheet. This fits in with the £5m the government estimated was the cost of the foster children bit. Assuming the cut is shared evenly your DHP allocation is likely to be reduced by 3.2%.

    Rob Westwood

    Reading the “fact” sheet it says: £25m of the £150m in Discretionary Housing Payments will be specifically targeted at disabled people who live in significantly adapted properties. Assuming they net off £5m for foster carers then £25m seems to be all of the DWP allocation for bedroom tax. The implication of this being if you are subject to bedroom tax you can only get DHP if you are a disabled person with a significantly adapted property. DWP are all over the place with this.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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