Sole or Main residence

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    We have a case where Mr X has come to live here from abroad (he arrived in this country quite legally).
    His wife has now come to live with him but has not been granted Asylum- the home office deem that she is here illegally and could still be deported.
    Do we give Mr X a single person discount or is Mrs X’s sole or main residence now here in the UK.
    Mrs X has no NINO, cannot work or claim any benefit at the moment.


    Oh it’s nice to dip back into the world of council tax…

    To claim and I guess be awarded an SPD, Mrs X would be claiming that her centre of interest would be abroad and that that location would be her S or M residence.

    If in this case it sounds as it’s her intention to sever all ties with her home abroad, she’s arguing that her S or M is in UK and that makes it difficult to award a SPD.

    In addition, the test is of “residence”, not “legally resident”, i.e squatters.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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