Speeding up council’s processing of HB claims & Interim HB Payments

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    Just wanted to check what is the best way (if there is any way) to force councils to speed up their processing of HB claims once they have all the information they have requested in order to be able to process the claim? Gosport have had a claim of ours for 3 months now (since 24/10/13). Can we quote anything at them &/or do anything else? (we have complained already).

    Also is it possible to force the council to make an interim HB payment at the shared room rate for a tenant the council haven't processed yet.

    The tenant we are claiming for ought to be entitled to the 1 bed rate for exclusive use of two rooms. However, we believe the council are currently stalling pending another decision we have going to Appeals Tribunal on Thursday 31st Jan.

    Many thanks,


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