Sri Lankan’s and working 3 hours a week

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    We have a Sri Lankan who has applied for HB/CTB has wife and 2 children. He moved to our area from wembley in August 2011 when his wife joined him from sri lanka. His wife was working – but not under her nino! anyway she has now stopped working and her husband, the claimant has started working for tesco’s on a contract of 3 hours a week.

    they have applied for child benefit.

    can 3 hours a week be classed as genuine and effective, i think not but am open to suggestions.

    i would like to refuse the application.

    ****extrai have just been advised that he has refugee status. 😐


    If he has leave to remain, then you treat as a UK national – so genuine and effective doesn’t need to be considered. A NINO needed for wife of course.


    Agree with david, but, just to be clear, genuine and effective does not come into it purely because the claimant/partner are not EEA citizens.


    And the wife does not necessarily need a NINO, form DC1 may help in this situation though

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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