SRR Rate or 1 room rate

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    Hi wondered if someone can help. It is regarding the shared room rate versus the one bedroom rate – under catergories of accommodation it states that single claimants who have in their accommodation ‘exclusive use of at least two rooms, counting only bedrooms and living rooms’ would qualify fr the one bedroom rate. I have a customer who is moving into a five bedroom property with another tenant. He has to share the property with this tenant. He obviously has his own bedroom and then because he has his children stay most weekends he will be making one of the bedrooms into their bedroom and will be used for them when they come to stay.

    When it says they have to have exclusive use of two rooms – would this count or would it mean that the rooms have to be locked so nobody can physically access them.



    I would say that this would count as ‘exclusive’ use of 2 rooms. The customer has use of his own bedroom and another bedroom (for whatever purposes).

    So in my opinion he would be entitled to the B1 room rate.

    Gill. 😆

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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