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    chris harvey

    Claimant reaching age 60 not on benefit, makes a claim for HB and PCGC. PCGC paid from Monday after 60th birthday. What’s the start date for HB?
    Reg 64 (6) (a) indicates date claim is made is the start date of PCGC and reg 57 says we pay from the following benefit week. So no HB in the first week of PCGC?
    eg age 60 on Thursday 13/12/07, claims HB and PCGC that day, PCGC paid from Monday 17/12/07 and HB from 24/12/07. Seems unfair that HB claim cannot start from Monday after application but reg 64 seems to mark out the date of claim as the first day of PCGC.
    Is my understanding correct?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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