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    Can anyone help me out here please?

    If someone moved from outwith the area and made a claim for HB and CTB on 02/10/06, they are on a passported benefit and made their claim within 28 days of it starting) but did not move into the property until 26/10/06, am I right in saying that they would get HB from:

    weekly rent – 23/10/06
    monthly rent – 26/10/06?

    And they would get CTB fron 26/10/06?

    Kevin D

    This answer assumes that the rental liability commenced on 22 Oct 06, or earlier.

    As occupancy (26/10) is not in the same benefit week as “first time” rental liability starts (22/10, or earlier), HB doesn’t start until [b:4102a30b2d]30th[/b:4102a30b2d] Oct 06. i.e. The “following Monday” after occupancy, as the first day of occupancy becomes the claim date. HBR 76([u:4102a30b2d]1[/u:4102a30b2d]) applies – not 76(2).

    For CTB, I’m assuming that occupancy / liability is the same date. If so, CTB is ok to start from 26 Oct 2006.

    Hope this helps.


    That’s great Kevin, thanks for the prompt response 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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