Start date of HB Pensioner claims

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    My understanding, and its probably wrong, is that between October 03 and October 04, if a 60+ makes a claim for HB regardless of if they have claimed/been awarded any form of PC the L/A can treat the claim as made from 06 October 03.

    So are we saying that if a 68 year old makes a claim in June 04 on a standard claim form (what ever that will look like) we have to ask them to confirm what there income, savings, etc have been for the period October 03 to June 04 to be able to safely award HB back to October 03?


    Yes, reg 29, the transitional provision of the HB/CTB PC regs state that any claim for HB or CTB made after 061003, but before 061004 by a claimant or partner who has attained the ‘qualifying age’, shall be treated as made either on 061003, or the date they reached the qualifying age, if later. This is if the La is satisfied that the conditons for entitlement were fufilled on that day.
    It is our intention to confirm that no changes in circs have occurred during the period concerned.


    Where a date of claim is treated as 6 Oct 2003 in accordance with HB/CTB (SPC) reg 29, I assume first day of entitlement will be the Monday following, i.e. 13 Oct 2003 and not 6 Oct 2003? Am I missing something? I appear to be suffering from Pension Credit overload?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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