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    Please can you help – missed out alot on SPC due to Maternity Leave and have confused myself thoroughly!

    I have a claim that was recd into our office on 9 November 2004 and the claimant does not qualify for GC or SC due to capital (although they are appealing to the Pension Svce about this).

    Should the start date be 17 November 2003 (Mon following 9 Nov 2003) under the 12 month rule that took over from the take up campaign or should it be the Monday following receipt of the claim?



    The take-on rule is applied. The claimant only needs to be of retirement age to apply this. The status of GC/SC does not affect this (other than with deciding the income details etc).

    In your case, you will need to establich income/capital covering that prior 12 month period.


    The second option is the one to use. i.e.

    Date of application 9/11/200[u:83cfb01109]4[/u:83cfb01109]
    Date of claim 9/11/200[u:83cfb01109]3[/u:83cfb01109]
    Date of entitlement – Monday after date of claim [u:83cfb01109]15[/u:83cfb01109]/11/2003.

    Subject to qualifying back over the previous year.
    e.g. income/capital/liability to pay rent/ctax etc all lead to actual entitlement.

    Also must have been 60+ thoughout that past period.


    However, unless they get G-Cred, the excess capital will prevent HB/CTB entitlement in any case. (Although you said they had appealed against their capital determination)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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