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    I have a woman who was working and pregnant, she was not working long enough to get statutory maternity pay! She therefore receives statutory maternity allowance from DWP. If paid SMP child care costs can be disregarded. Unfortunatley SMA does not appear to disregard the costs whilst on maternity. Is this correct? The employment never ceased as she has now returned to work with the same employer.

    Any assistance is appreciated.



    The childcare disregard does apply to a woman on maternity allowance: see Reg 28(14)(a)(iii). But the claimant must be on maternity leave as defined in Reg 2 – basically she has a job to go back to and has not permanently given up work. Sounds like that condition was met in your claimant’s case so yes, allow the disregard.

    Sorry I can’t help you thrash I-World into compliance, but I can at least reassure you that you are right and it is wrong.


    To make it work in iWorld you need to set up an new income code, something like SMA(CCC), and set the CC Cost parameter against it. The system should then offset any CCC when this income code is used.



    Following on from this can anyone help with this query please:-

    Clmt previously employed has gone onto maternity leave. She does not qualify for SMP from employer because her wages were below the threshold. She therefore receives Maternity Allowance from the DWP at 90% of her previous wage. But she also receives WTC30. My question is should she now receive the AED as whilst I know this applies if she were on SMP, I cannot see any reference to it applying if, as in this case, she gets DWP maternity allowance. I presume therefore we take the WTC30 into account as income but with no disregards?

    Any advice appreciated.

    chris harvey

    If she gets the 30 hour element in her WTC award she will be entitled to the extra earnings disregard, if necessary deducted from her WTC income if there is not sufficient earnings.
    Northgtate users should have the disregard set against their WTC income code that includes the 30 hour element (something like WTC30 or WTC30+ in most Northgate sites I have dealt with).
    There was a bug a couple of years ago where there was not sufficient earnings and the disregard was not being applied to the WTC award. Don’t know if it has been fixed yet though.

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