Student and childcare costs

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    we have a claimant who has a dependant who he pays childcare costs for.

    He receives an element of childcare allowance as part of his grant.

    The amount being deducted from his Student Grant is not as much as the £80.00 per week child care costs we would disregard if we were allowed which doesn’t seem morally right to me?

    Can he still be awarded a childcare disregard for HB/CTB as well?


    [quote:a77075ebcb=”sharonk”]Can he still be awarded a childcare disregard for HB/CTB as well?[/quote:a77075ebcb]

    The short answer is no, you can only disregard as much as legislation allows. You should be disregarding the total amount he receives for child care from his student income and that’s about it.


    Thank you


    Would the following reg allow you to disregard expenses exceeding the amount paid in the grant/loan, but it can only be disregarded if there is other income, other than student grant or loan (there is likley to be CTC) ? 😕

    63. Other amounts to be disregarded

    (1) For the purposes of ascertaining income other than grant income, covenant income and loans treated as income in accordance with regulation 64 (treatment of student loans), any amounts intended for any expenditure specified in regulation 59(2) (calculation of grant income), necessary as a result of his attendance on the course shall be disregarded but only if, and to the extent that, the necessary expenditure exceeds or is likely to exceed the amount of the sums disregarded under regulation 59(2) or (3), 60(3), 61 (1)(a) or (c) or 64(5) (calculation of grant income, covenant income and treatment of student loans) on like expenditure.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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