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    Graham Keys

    Quick query since I haven’t dealt with student claims for a long time.

    A full time student gets a bursary of £3310.40. They also get a travel allowance of £873.25 and study expenses of £89.00. They are not entitled to a student loan.

    I make it that Reg 59(2) allows for payments intended to cover books, travel and equipment to be excluded, which knocks out the £873.25 & £89.00. Then, since there is no loan, 59(3) requires another £646.00 books and travel to be excluded from the total.

    Am I reading that right? It feels like I’m excluding too much or double counting the disregard.

    Kevin D

    I’d allow the £646 under HBR 59(3) + £227.25 under HBR 59(2).

    So long as the £89 is also travel, or books, I’d also allow that under HBR 59(2).



    I’d do exactly what Graham described – because 59(3) applies on top of 59(2) “whether or not such costs are incurred”.

    So my maths is:

    £3310.40 bursary by the time you’re done with 59(2)
    minus £285 under 59(3)(a)
    munus £361 under 59(3)(b)
    = £2664.40 to be taken into account

    This assumes though that the “study expenses” can be excluded under 59(2)(f) (you’d have to check that they really are for books and equipment) and that the bursary doesn’t contain any other disregardable elements.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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