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    I have new student award for nursing bursury and she gets
    single parent allowance of 500.00
    and childcare term/short vac of 2443.75.
    we cannot find any info as to how to treat these items. are they inlcuded in her income or disregarded.
    oh deep joy for the new student claims.

    dave. 😥

    Kevin D

    Haven’t really looked, but from memory the single parent allowance is taken in full, but any amount “intended” for child care costs is fully disregarded.

    Try HBRs 59, 62 & 63.


    I have exactly the same question. Zebedee seems to imply that anything to do with children, including dependant’s allowance, is disregarded but not sure that I agree with that. Guidance manual is opaque. Regulations provide for a disregard of grant paid under Education (Student Support) Regulations 2005 (dependants) but [b:db7b6838e1]not [/b:db7b6838e1] dependants grants paid under Health Services and Public Health Act 1968 nor student loans.
    So which legislation is a sudent bursary paid under???

    Nicola Griffiths


    Please could you let me know if an ‘Independant Bursury’ for someone who is 30 years old who is studying under the terms “Access to Higher Education”, whether or not this Bursury is taken into account or disregarded..

    Many Thanks



    As far as I know “Access to Higher Education” awards are primarily for travel/child-care costs, not any general living expenses. So these would be disregarded in full as per reg 65. Her award letter should state exactly what the award is supposed to cover to be doubly sure.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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