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    lord smeagol

    I am uncertain what level of disregard applies to the adult learning grant. Circular A15/2006 states the [Adult Learning Grant is a means tested allowance of up to £30 per week for learners aged 19 or over]. It continues [The grant is intended to help meet the additional costs of learning including books, equipment and travel costs…. Normal disregards apply]. Circular U12/2006 clarifies that the normal books (£361.00) and travel (£285) disregards can be applied. The remainder falls to be taken into account as income.
    However, in the Shelter guide to HB and CTB 2006-2007 by Zebedee, Ward and Lister, table 21.4 on page 419 lists [adult learner’s grant] as a fully disregarded grant income.
    I have been unable to establish whether the adult learner’s grant in the book and the adult learning grant in the circular are the same thing or separate types of income. Can anybody tell me?
    I am aware that any additional amount on top of the standard books and travel disregards falls to be fully disregarded from grant income if it is paid specifically/solely to cover the costs of books/travel/equipment but I am unsure whether the adult learning grant is solely for these items.
    I would be grateful to hear what disregard should be applied to the Adult learning Grant and on what information your answer has been based. I would also be interested to know whether there is both an Adult Learning Grant and an Adult Learner’s Grant. If there is then the definition of each and the disregard applicable would be very helpful.

    Thank you


    If you go to directgov website it says that it is partly disregarded from HB.

    “The Adult Learning Grant can be partly disregarded for Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit purposes – it is expected that local authorities will disregard the first £605 of the yearly Adult Learning Grant. You need to contact authorities directly to confirm details.”

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