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    Can anyone advise on the following please, as I have never come across this before.

    We have a claimant who is a student on a degree course and due to be paid her last payment of her student loan on the 14/1/13. Thsi payment is for £3400.  The claimant has been on the student finance website and her payment shows as blocked. She called them up to find out why because she has attended all her lessons and was told that all payments to that college were held because the college is under investigation.

    Claimant needs the additional money to make up the shortfall in her rent, she is hopeful she will eventually receive this but is not currently sure because the investigation on the college is out of her control.

    My question is do we have to include this student loan as part of her income for HB purposes eventhough it has been withheld through no fault of her own?

    Many thanks



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