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    We are starting to get queries from students about the treatment of the new:

    1. Maintenance grant &
    2. Special support grant

    In the absence of a DWP circular can anybody confirm the latter is disregarded and, as the former reduces the loan on a pound to pound basis, that you disregard it & take into account the full loan?

    In the past posters have mentioned draft DWP circulars. Does anyone know how to access these?


    Kevin D

    I cannot for the life of me remember where I found this – it was some pre-course emergency surfing – but I discovered that these new grants are paid to students who start their course from 06/07 onwards and they replace the old Higher Education Grant and Fee Remission Grant.

    My understanding is that the one called a Maintenance Grant (I got one of those nearly 30 years ago, things go in cycles don’t they?) is for students who generally would not qualify for HB: your basic Johnny Undergraduate. It includes £1200 for maintenance and £1500 for fees; the £1200 replaces the means-tested part of the loan. I don’t think this affects the HB calculation in practice (if any of these students should qualify) because the total amount of money for maintenance will still be equal to the standard rate of loan and the grant is taken into account over the same period as the loan. It’s just that the student doesn’t have to pay back up to £1200.

    The Special Support Grant is the same amount, but it is paid to the groups of students who are more likely to qualify for HB – lone parents etc – and the crucial difference from the maintenance grant is that you still get to keep your full loan – the whole £2700 is for fees only. It is therefore fully disregarded in HB.

    As I say, I cannot remember where I got this information. Pity, because I found the 2006/07 grant and loan rates while I was at it.


    Found the Regs that give effect to these new payments now. Not exactly what I first said:


    But still disregarded by the sound of it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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