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    I have a case where a Housing Benefit Claimant is sub letting a room to his nephew.
    The owner of the property has confirmed that authority to sublet has not been given or even requested from the claimant.
    can I refuse HB on this alone?
    There are also other factors but if I can refuse on the above it would be the easiest and are you aware of what Reg applies to refuse on the above.

    Kevin D

    HB cannot be refused on the basis suggested. In short, if there is a legit contract that can be enforced between the sub-tenant and the sub-tenant’s LL AND there are no other eligibility bars to benefit (e.g. reg 9, reg 12(2)), then HB is payable subject to otherwise being entitled. Morally, it may grate but that isn’t relevant.


    Thankyou for your quick response. :bigsmile:


    How bizarre we have the same case today and I was just looking for this exact scenario!! Question answered

    Andy Thurman

    [quote=Kevin D]Morally, it may grate but that isn’t relevant.[/quote]

    Bit strong, Kevin?? 😉

    All you have here is a ‘lodger’ without the express permission of the landlord/owner!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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