Subsidy claim – Rent allowance BD and ROR subsidy cells

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    I’m feeling a bit confused this morning, and would appreciate advice and clarification.

    Is there any reason why a BD rent allowance award (which shows in cells 45 and 78 ) should be excluded from cells 52-58?

    For example, I have an RSL case (not referred) which shows:

    cell 45 (total expenditure) 4901.87
    cell 56 (RSL not referred) 2983.62
    cell 78 (BD) 1108.25

    The BD period is also RSL not referred, so shouldn’t the cell 56 total also be 4901.87?

    I’ve checked a few other cases, and this isn’t an isolated example, but wanted to check I understand cells 52-56 correctly before raising with software supplier.



    Can confirm that ‘backdates’ should be in those cells.
    I have just checked within the Audit commissions instructions too.


    That is a bug, the system I know is affected by this will have a major subsidy release at the end of November. THis may cuase raised eyebrows with your Finance Director.

    keith j

    If you’re Northgate Inf Bulletin 346 reveals all


    Rather too much in my opinion. Not sure of what to tell the auditor as we have had to keep changing the figures for every day he has been here.

    My reaction when I read that info bulletin sounded something very similar to “oh for fake socks”

    This is a situation where subsidy bods need to overule normal procedures for system testing/ go live especially given the planned date of release. I have said to our systems team that they need to copy the live system the day of release and then put this release into test and run all of the required jobs.

    Ho hum. What does the DWP say about system issues? – oh they don’t count. How about when it affects half the country?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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