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    Can anyone recommend a practical training programme for supervisors working in a Revenues and Benefits environment please.


    The majority of supervisors in Lewisham were ex revenues and benefit staff who rose through the ranks. This means there is little in the way of training required around technical matters.

    As they will have had very little management experience they are placed on the management development programme which is run across the whole council for all managers. The subjects covered include,

    Absence Management
    Managing HR Issues
    Management Skills for New Managers
    Presentation Skills for Managers
    Project Management
    Recruitment and Selection
    Health and Safety for Managers
    Introduction to PES (this is our internal appraisal scheme)
    Disability Discrimination Act for Managers
    Stress Management for Managers ( giving a basic understanding of stress at work)
    Any IT courses relevant to their post.

    They do not need to attend all of these if they can demonstrate prior knowledge. However, they are also allocated a mentor (another manager) to provide them with support as and when required.

    Hope this helps.


    Maybe stating the obvious, and also depends what exactly you are looking for, but IRRV provides in depth Benefits training. Details are on their web site,under Education.


    Several years ago we got trainers from Manchester city Council in who had their own Benefits training section (our Principal Manager had just come from there) to do a ‘management skills course’ – which covered the usual management stuff – Team Building , conflict resolution , managing change etc which was really good , in no small part because of their understanding of issues in Benefits Services.

    We’d become fed up of attending corporate courses with people from for example Social services , run by trainers who had no knowledge or appreciation of the issues in Benefits and this course which from memory was a day a week for 6 /7 weeks was very good – in fact some of the Team Managers still have the handout booklets which they use when applying for other jobs !

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