Supported Accommodation rent charges

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    Andrew Eland

    I know we have been waiting for DWP guidance for what seems like years and not likely to get anything until Welfare reform bill has gone through but as Supporting People awards continue to be cut, and are more than likely going to be cut again from next April locally by a considerable amount, is anyone seeing rents increase to cover losses from a providers SP award.

    Increases in service charges eligible for HB where part was previously met by SP may be ok but how is everyone dealing with increases in Housing Management charges which we are starting to see.


    I have just received a letter from a landlord, referring me back to A10 2001 advising that they have now put a conceirge provision in for a property that is sheltered accom.

    This has increased the rent charge by £60 per month per resident. Im looking at the job description to see how much of it is actually a support cost rather than a housing management cost as i cant believe that we are going to be made to pay this!

    Comments welcome please, has anyone else come accross this? They have managed well enough without this member of staff up till now

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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