Suspension and full time Students

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    this might be an easy question to answer for some, but is causing a little bit of discussion within my office.

    If you have a single clmt (no kids) on benefit, and they have completed an intervention that states they will be starting college/uni on a full time basis from Sept, can you [color=red:9a47cd5a7a][i:9a47cd5a7a][b:9a47cd5a7a]stop[/b:9a47cd5a7a][/i:9a47cd5a7a][/color:9a47cd5a7a] the claim as you know they will not be entitled to benefit or must you go down the [color=red:9a47cd5a7a][i:9a47cd5a7a][b:9a47cd5a7a]suspend[/b:9a47cd5a7a][/i:9a47cd5a7a][/color:9a47cd5a7a] route and issue them with all the letters that follow that knowing that they won’t qualify in the end.

    anyone know the right way 😆

    Kevin D

    It’s just a change in circs that takes a clmt out of entitlement – no different to an increase in income that results in nil ent. So, benefit ends. No need to suspend etc.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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