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    We a a fairly new SX3 user, and I am wondering if a more experienced user may be able to help.

    As part of our aim to improve performance, I am looking to monitor our targets for new claims, processing change of circumstance etc.

    Unfortunately, as far as I can see, the only way to monitor this is through the stats 124 report, which only gives a cumulative total for the year, and cannot report on performance exclusively for the last week, month, quarter etc.

    I am sure that we are not the only site who wish to monitor our performance on a month by month basis, and was wondering if there are any reports to help this that I have missed, or if not, how can monthly performance be monitored?

    Any help or advice greatly appreciated!



    I run an rbe581 every month to get an indication of how we’re doing, this may help. Or how about the bmi301 and 302 which allow snapshots and workload information. I’ve never used these but keep meaning to try. They are in the management info users guide for iworld.

    Hope this helps, Fiona


    Thanks very much for that, greatly appreciated. I will have a play with these later


    We monitor our performance at kirklees weekly by running the RBE756 (although we’ve only just converted to I-world and haven’t had this yet since conversion).

    We then put it into excel and strip out all the info we don’t want in order to get just the new claims calcd previous week .

    A lot of the work we do is cleansing the period types on claims which should not be counted here , a lot get changed to ‘continue’ e.g changes to CTAX account numbers when the case gets cancelled and set up again as a ‘new’ period which can report as having taken upto a couple of years to do if our Revenues Dept have gone that far back.

    for your info – to date this year we have removed 127000 days from our New claim PI by this cleansing work. As you can imagine the use of period type ‘continue’ where appropriate which was never really covered when we converted to SX3 in 2001 , can have a very major impact on the PI’s you report.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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