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    Julian Hobson

    Has anyone done any “take up” around Extended Payment ?

    We have a Local Public Service Agreement to get 180 customers into work from IS, JSA, IB the indicator of success being a succesful EP period.

    If EP’s successfully achieve the policy objective they would incentivise customers into work (whether they do or not is another matter). The conundrum for me is what we might do to be able to demonstrate that it was our “intervention” that allerted the customer to EP, that then meant they took the job ?

    Hope this makes sense !!


    We have found that raising awareness of housing staff – particularly support workers in supported housing schemes/hostels etc – is a big help. As they are often more aware of an individuals plans if they understand EP’s they may be able to encourage people to try out jobs a bit more – the level of awareness and understanding for how EP’s work is incredibly low in my experience.

    Of course whether you can say then that is was the LA intervention or not is tricky. But maybe you could monitor it with the support workers somehow.



    I’d also make sure staff are [b:419b5608f3]fully[/b:419b5608f3] aware of the criteria for qualifying for EPs.

    We get quite a few complaints from disappointed claimants who’ve been told (by JCP mainly) that they will get EPs, when in fact they don’t qualify.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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