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    having a stoooooooopid argument- i have a case where the customer was assessed on WTC of £60/week with effect from 1/10/10. the customer has since told us, that she was overpaid WTC and should have received £45/week and incurred a sizeable o/p from hmrc. now i think that we should go back and re-assess this based on new amounts and create and underpayment – we would def create an overpayment, if the WTC had increased – this is not an advantageous change issue,as she has only just discovered she has a decrease in her WTC. my learned colleague disagrees

    you are the judge, who is right m’lud :hat:

    Kevin D

    This earlier thread looks at retrospective reductions in Tax Credits in the context of HB/CTB:

    Tax Credits overpayment


    many thanks kevin, i thought that this was straight forward, i may have to eat some humble pie, but i could also choose to do this retrospectively – decisions, decisions

    Andy Thurman

    In this case, if there is an ongoing HB award, it is simpler to just follow the “standard” rules and assess on actual TC’s received as these will be reduced while HMRC recover the debt – if receiving HB throughout it will “even itself out” and the help with rent will actually follow more closely their actual income for the periods.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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