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    We have a claim where the customer is no longer entitled to hb/ctb due to an increase in her tax credit award, and she has been issued with a sundry debt invoice to repay this.
    She has now pointed out that the disability element was included in her award. We have checked this on the file & yes it was, but we missed putting this into the claim.
    To complicate matters, she has now also said that she should not have been given this ,as none of her household is classed as disabled!!, and that she has notified HMRC abut this.
    She is asking for the recovery of the o/payt to be put on hold until the outcome of her query with HMRC is known.
    Can we revise our decision & input the dis.element from when it has been included in her award, to reduce the o/payt, even though we now know it shouldn’t have been given, as it was our error for not noticing this in the first place? Also can we then take it back off and code the ‘overpayment’ as LA error & not recover it? 😯

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