Tax Credit award prior to Hb claim

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    We have a claim who qualifies for Tax Credits from 3/11/03, and was notified 12/11/03.

    This award was made during the Extended Payment period and therefore is not taken into account until December.

    [color=red:c1195ab1c6]Should we:[/color:c1195ab1c6]
    1 Calculate using days from notifcation date less arrears.

    2 Calculate full award divided by days (3/11/03 – 5/4/04) x 7

    3 Use the weekly amount as given on the award notice.

    Any advice gratefully received as I can see reasons for using 1 & 2 and common sense for number 3.


    No.1 gets my vote on this one. Based on The DWP guide to Tax Credits Amendment 10.



    We are following the DWP guidance contained in Admts 9 & 10 (and hoping we do not have defend this at a tribunal!) and so I would use option 1.

    Option 2 does not treat the arrears/paid amount as as capital as is required, and Option 3 ignores the fact that TC is an annual award (albeit part annual in this case)


    But option 2 works just fine as long as you only treat the weekly income it provides from the date the award was notified.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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