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    We are having an office debate about how to deal with past changes of Tax Credits which are reductions and we have not been notified within 1 month of the change. e.g. 1.4.10 WTC is £100, 1.5.10 WTC is £90, 1.6.10 WTC is £70 and from 1.9.10 WTC is £50. Should we:

    1. Put all the awards on for the exact periods thay cover and use notify start/end dates so they are not taken into account
    2. Just put the most recent change on and ignore all the previous advantageous changes
    3. Put all the changes on, creating an underpayment, and do a manual adjustment as an overpayment to offset this as we do not want the payment to be made as not notified withion 1 month

    We use Northgate. Thanks very much.


    Option 1 is the correct answer – good luck!

    Inga Mycroft

    I agree that option 1 is correct but I think Northgate sometimes gets itself in a pickle if you try to do it.
    As Chris says – good luck!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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