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    Has anyone had an experience with the contact centre like I have had today and what did you do about it?

    CIS shows a large arrears payment of WTC on 31.12.08, no WTC award from 5.12.08 and no CTC award from 26.12.08. Customer states that she has been told verbally by the Contact centre that the large arrears payment is not Working Tax credit arrears it is a payment of CTC from December up to April. Customer finished work on 1.12.08 and receives Child Benefit and Income Support as a lone parent from 29.12.08. The reason for not receiving Income Support from 1.12.08 was that she received a 4 week WTC run on. CIS shows no run on.

    In an attempt to clarify the payments of WTC and CTC in December, I rang the contact centre. The advisor I spoke to was unable to help so I asked if a supervisor could have a look at it. The supervisor advised me that the system had no notes and they could not clarify anything because of that. They asked me to either ring or email the Tax Credit head office but could not give me a telephone number or email address.

    The customer says that she has been told to write to them for an explanation if she wants further details of her payments and what they are for.

    I can understand that the contact centre are unable to clarify the position if there are no notes on the system but I am unimpressed that they cannot offer to pass on the query to the processing team and they cannnot give me any contact details for someone who[b:9a514add25] can [/b:9a514add25]help.

    I have trawled through circulars and bulletins to find out whether there are any other contacts or liaison officers to no avail. Can anyone help?


    Did you find out any further information on this please? We are having the same problem, Tax Credit helpline not able to help and can’t provide the new helpline number (which they say has been provided for the use of Benefit Managers only).


    No we had to wait until the customer brought in the reply that she received from Tax Credits. She herself had to wait several weeks. Our Benefits Manager has not received any details of other contact numbers for queries such as this. So I can’t help with this either.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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