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    can anyone help?
    Claimant working over 16 hrs and receiving tax credits, so receiving tax credit disregard. claimant stops work but receives tax credit run on, does the customer still receive tax credit diregard?



    I think I understand the scenario you had here. Probably what you had was a claimant who had the 30 hour element of working tax credit, but who was a lone parent, disabled person or more rarely a 50 plus person who can get the 30 hour element for working more than 16 hours per week. They then stopped work and can get a four week run on of working tax credit (HMRC equivalent of the EP). Even though their hours fell below 16 or 30 for that matter to nil, when they actually stopped work, because they still has working tax credit which included the 30 hour element they could still get the equivalent 16/30 hour earned income disregard in HB/CTB until that working tax credit ends. Depending on your benefit payment system, this should be hardcoded in the software to look for a WTC 16/30 hour income code for the period or you have to set some sort of radio button/system flag on the claimant or partner, in the case of couples. I assume that the claim then became a contribution based or an income based JSA claim!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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