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    Difference of opinion here…

    Child tax credit payment dates (as per award letter)

    2/10/06 by cheque £235.95
    17/10/06 by cheque £169.83
    Then by cheque every 4 weeks until further notice £168.53

    When would the CTC of £168.53 be input from?

    a) 23/10/06
    b) 20/9/06
    c) 16/10/06
    c) another date?



    2/10/06 (although I’m happy to be disagreed with) 😀


    Andy, you put 23/10 at the top of your list as if this is your first choice. I think it’s right. Presumably the first £168.53 payment will be made on 14 November; for HB purposes it is attributed to the four week period ending on that date so it runs from 18 October. That’s a change of circs that takes effect from the following Monday – 23 October.

    I would also be inclined to view the previous payment as an instalment rather than a one-off arrears payment and would take that into account over the preceding four weeks (from 25/9). I think the tiny difference between that payment and the rest of the series is an adjustment of instalments paying future entitlement rather than any outstanding arrears.

    But the £235.95 is clearly a one-off and not to be treated as income.


    Peter is perfectly correct and I retract my post 😳

    (Got that Friday feeling)


    Thanks Peter and Martin for your posts. I’m happy to go with 23/10/06 and will talk through with the others. Hadn’t considered the previous pymt as being an instalment but it makes sense.

    Thanks again


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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