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    We are experiencing problems when calling the tax credits helpline, if they hold a middle name for a claimant and we don’t they refuse to provide us with info despite the fact that we have the forename, surname, DOB and NINO. Is anyone else having similar problems and does anyone know of a forum where this can be raised with tax credits management?

    Kevin D

    When calling Tax Creds, I’m armed with full name (checking the file for a/fs & any DWP ETDs) + dob. Where a change of address has occurred in the last two months, I have both addresses too!

    But, Tax Creds are incredibly picky. If “obstructed”, I just leave it for an hour or so, check the file, then try someone else. In the last year, this approach has only failed on 2 occasions.



    The following e-mail was passed to us by another LA

    [i] Thank you for your email of 10 May. I am sorry to hear about the problem experienced by your local authority housing benefit section, and for the delay in getting back to you.

    We have checked the position and are pleased to confirm that the middle name is not required where the call is from a local authority. The guidance for Helpline advisers is being revised.


    Trish Dagg

    Secretary to the Tax Credits Consultation Group
    Tax Credit Process, Child Benefit Policy & Process Team
    Waterview Park

    Tel. 0191 2251681


    I agree with Kevin, the best way to deal with them is to get as much info as possible and ring on more than one occasion if you still fail their security check.
    When questioning them, they have told me the best way was to provide the info directly from the Tax Credit letters.However they then requested info that wasn’t on the letters and in a lot of cases if I had the letters I wouldn’t be calling.

    Some LAs have an e-mail link set up which seems to alleviate the majority of problems.

    Just seen the last post, would be good if they changed their guidance, however I’m not holding my breath before its rolled out 😕


    “Some LAs have an e-mail link set up which seems to alleviate the majority of problems.”

    Don’t hold your breath 😀

    We have this e-mail link and, whilst better than ringing ’em, there are still a lot of problems.

    Unless the info you e-mail them is EXACTLY what their records show they won’t help you. Some of the cases are just plain silly 😯

    E.G I e-mail asking for John Smith’s details and they refuse. Reason? They have the name down as Jonathan!!!


    My experience is that if you don’t have exactly the same info as the Inland Revenue they wont tell you anything.


    …. and if the info you have disagrees with theirs they won’t even tell WHICH part there’s a discrepancy over. <sigh> 🙄

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