Tax credit overpayment

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    We have a case where HMRC found out that customer had higher earnings back to 2009 and as a result recalculated working tax credit and child tax credit back to 2009. This created overpayments of tax credits.
    Ongoing they still have some entitlement to CTC so overpayment is being deducted from this and we will use the lower amount.
    On WTC there is no ongoing entitlement so customer is being asked to repay the full amount of overpaid WTC.
    Customer is now asking us to remove WTC from 2009 in the calculation of HB/CTB as he feels is having to both pay it back but we are using an income he now is not receiving i.e. a double penalty.
    Can we remove WTC back to 2009 – ( we will also be reviewing his wages back to 2009? :santa:

    Kevin D

    This earlier thread should add nicely to any confusion you already have :):

    Tax Credits overpayment

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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