Tax Credit Overpayment

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    Huw Jones

    Have received a notice today stating that

    WTC due – £2216.36
    Paid – £2328.42
    Overpaid – £112.06

    the notification was dated the 08.01.2004.

    I tend to check with the helpline in cases such as these to establish when last instalment was made. But as a rule of thumb, and in the absence of any advice to the contrary, I would consider that WTC is no longer to be taken into A/c in the HB assessment from 12.01.2004 – monday following date of notification.

    However I rang the helpline (on the 11.02.2004) and was informed that the last instalment was paid (weekly) on the 05 February 2004.

    How are we supposed to work that out!?

    Has anybody else encountered this? 😯


    Couple of things occur to me:

    1. Which date best represents the amount of income the customer should have had? At about £45 per week between 08.01 and 5.02, that’s £180 to account for. Looking at the amount you have taken into account as income/arrears over the duration of the award, which date comes closest to adding up to £2328.24?

    2. If it was me, I would have just been happy with 8.01.2004. Life’s complicated enough without trying to balance what the InRev say with what the InRev do.

    3. If in doubt, there’s always the heads/tails method.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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