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    Is anybody aware of a Tax Credit pilot scheme which is currently operating?

    A customer came in today advising that she was one of 2000 cases in the UK who are part of the new tax credits pilot scheme. Apparently the scheme is running for a year & is targeting customers who have child care payments that fluctuate.

    The customer is allocated a unique 8 digit number which they are asked to enter when they phone the tax credits office.

    There is a new designated number they use which is 0800 030 4422. The customer is asked to phone the number every month to advise how much their child care payments were last month. Their tax credits are then adjusted accordingly.

    The customer does not receive a notification letter, it is all done by phone with no need for proof from the customer.

    If we check CIS, the regular figures do not show any additional amount the customer may be getting towards child care costs.

    If we ring HM Rev and Customs, they cannot see whether the customer is part of the new pilot scheme.

    There will be very little evidence of the payments being made, unless the authority is notified by the claimant.

    Julian Stanbury


    I too have just encounted one of these customers and am know struggling to work out how to treat their payments from this scheme. I believe it is called “Child care affordability scheme”, but don’t quote me if your life depends on it.

    Seems much the same as your example, can’t see the payments associated to the scheme on CIS.

    Will post again if i can figure out what I’m going to do with it.

    Cheers, Julian.

    Julian Stanbury

    In case it helps anyone else.

    The only information i could find about it was on DirectGov:

    Spoke to Tax Credits on the number for this pilot scheme, apparently it is winding up with last payments to customers involved in September 2010.

    The pilot office advised payments were made 4 weeks in arrears.


    Thanks for the extra info Julian. We have one case and are waiting for a response from the DWP on how to proceed.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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