Tax Credit Proforma – Trawl 2 – complete farce

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    We have just received the return from the second trawl of TAx Credit Proformas

    Out of a total of 1,475 proformas originally sent we received 71 award notices in the first trawl and a further 473 were retained as on the system but not processed .

    Out of the 473 we have just received the results of our second trawl – details provided for a further 75 claimants but a further 398 were returned to us as marked as on system but still not assessed!

    Further more rather than retaining the unassessed for a further sweep the remaining proformas where there is an outstanding claim have been returned to us.

    So out of over 1,475 proformas we have had Tax Credit award details back for 146 claimants.

    Is anyone at IR going to own up to there being a problem with getting assessments done before April as the clear up rate on our cases between the first & second trawl indicates that they will still be claering the cases they have in May – without the additional claims that they will get in April when everyone who hasn’t claimed suddenly finds that their Nett pay has gone down because of the Child Tax Allowance being removed


    I have just received back Nottingham’s second trawl. Of the 589 IR had kept back where they had a claim on the system we have now received 160 proformas where an award has been made. Now though they have also sent back the proformas where a claim has been made but they have not yet processed it. I presume that when these claims have been processed they will communicate this information to us in some other format! Or not as the case may be.
    Isn’t it about time that someone thought it might be a good idea to inform LAs that the contingency plan had been put in place?


    We received the second batch of pro-formas yesterday. I have a lot of pro-formas 2’s where the IR say an award has been made but they can’t provide details. Why not? I thought this was the point of the exercise.

    I also have a great many pro-forma 1’s that have not been processed but give an annual payment. Is this evidence of the contingeny being put into place?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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