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    Just received back our (Calderdale) proformas.
    To give you some idea of the strike rate.
    Sent 426
    Not on system – 119
    On system but not processed – 222
    On system and award details provided – 85.

    They haven’t sent back the ones which were on the system but not processed. I don’t know if these will come in a separate package, or I am to refer back the original list of those sent, and take it that if I haven’t got a proforma back it must be on the system but not processed.

    Has anybody else received theirs??


    We have just received ours ( Dundee).
    We sent 1627 and have 177 back with usable info. 950 not on system. Note attached states they have held back the remaining 500, on system but not processed, and will review them w/c 31/03/03.


    Have just heard from a colleague at South Bucks

    Sent 160
    Awarded 19
    Claims not yet processed 56
    Not on system 81


    I have just recieved Traffords proformas.

    743 sent:

    204 not on system
    162 on system and processed
    377 on system not processed

    With a note attached stating they will keep hold of the unprocessed ones and review them in 2 weeks time.

    However, here’s the catch – they have sent me the 377 unprocessed proformas, 65 of the not on system proformas and 2 of the processed proformas!!!!!

    How very helpful?!!
    Has anyone got a contact number and if so can I have it please?


    We at Taunton Deane have just received our proformas back:
    558 proformas sent
    189 returned ‘not on system’
    231 on IR system but not processed
    138 on system and award details provided

    (25% success rate)

    Amendment 7 (the amended version!) states that we need to contact the Inland Revenue to get further information in order to deal with predictive changes. Does anyone know the IR priority helpline number? If it doesn’t exist, doesn’t someone at the IR think it would be a good idea to get it set up now the proformas have been returned!?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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