Tax Credit renewal letters

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    julie lankshear


    We have had loads of TC(602)A letters which are not showing the payments that the customer will receive but are just showing the annual amounts. Is anyone else having the same problem. We are phoning the help line for the info but this brings its on problems

    Andy Thurman

    Are these provisional or finalised amounts for 05-06? If so, there should be another letter showing 06-07 amounts (net of any overpayment recovery from previous years!).

    julie lankshear

    they seem to finalised ones but I have had another look and I think some customers are not sending us all the pages. Although the help line said that they had received lots of calls from claimants asking what the payments would actually be so maybe some are being sent out with the info.

    Darren Broughton

    I think it’s the usual mess again this year. As far as we can gather, claimants may be receiving 2 letters. The first is as you describe above and then they are getting a second letter giving the breakdown. A colleague who is receiving Tax Credits had her award confirmed to her in this way – the second letter arriving a few days after the first. I’d advise you to ask for [b:4252fdf4e9]all[/b:4252fdf4e9] Tax Credit leters when requesting further information (or at least ensure that they supply the ones with the breakdown on)


    The same problem is occuring in Northern Ireland. This is turning into an administrative nightmare as over 6000 of our claimants are getting tax credits. We will be asking the claimant for any additional letters and contacting the helpdesk 🙄

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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