Tax credit terminations notifed by ATLAS

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    We have just started to receive ATLAS notifications where tax credits have been terminated from April 2011 (presumably because claimants have failed to return their review forms).

    When we load these details into our system (Academy) it removes the tax credits from the claim from the date they terminated (April). Previously we would have left them on the claim until the payments had stopped as it was income they would have received at the time.

    Can anyone clarify which is right? Many thanks.


    Hi Tracey, We are having the same issue from today. I have advised my staff not to go back to April as the customer would have received payments after this date. We will only remove the income from when the payments ended.

    This is something the DWP need to look at though as it is defeating the object of ATLAS if they are giving us incorrect data. I have asked my colleague to raise this will the DWP today but it may be worth you doing the same.

    It is also highly frustrating as when we try to phone tax credits to verify that the tax credits has ended because they have not returned the review form, the tax credits office will not give us this information. All they will tell us is the customer is no longer entitled and will not give us the last payment date. We are having to check CIS for the last payment date and contact the customer to find out if they have returned their review form. I am not sure if anyone else is having the same problems when contacting Tax credits?

    Rob Hawes1

    This is another unexpected feature of Atlas. We’re an Academy site and have been editing the end date on the Atlas notification so it takes the Tax Credits out from the following Monday rather than 5/4/11, although checking CIS for the last payment date is eminently sensible. It’s not quite as quick and easy as it was promised, is it? Overall though, I think it is an improvement and we’ll see the benefit in fewer overpayments.


    Thank you for your responses, we’ve decided to check CIS first and then amend the end date on the Atlas notification.

    Just makes you wonder what surprises Atlas phase 2 will bring…..?

    Overall though Rob, I agree with you, notifications through Atlas will reduce overpayments and most of the records are ok 🙂


    We too are an Academy site. However, we haven’t touched these terminations yet. It troubles me that this seems an incentive not to return your tax credit renewal form. We give extra Housing Benefit while they do get the form returned if we stop it now (or a large lump sum if we go back to April) and then we disregard the arrears when it is reawarded. We haven’t come across these cases before – we have only had the new award letter sent through.

    I know many are passported but then, should we be checking the household size and whether the children are still there. Presumably some will actually be genuine and there won’t be any further tax credit award for various reasons. How do we pick those ones out?

    ATLAS has been good up to this point.


    The volume of ATLAS has not been too large – 70 to 100 records per week – however we have not seen any reduction in our normal post coming into the office. Therefore resources are now being stretched even further. All very well being able to deal with things this quickly but no good if you have not got staff / money available.


    The Atlas xml file contains the last payment date and you may find it quicker obtaining it from there rather than CIS.


    “The volume of ATLAS has not been too large – 70 to 100 records per week”

    Rob, have you got all pensioners in your area then? We get this volume each day, and sometimes double that, and we’re a small authority in a retirement area. Dread to think what urban LAs have to deal with



    We have a 60/40 split in favour of Pension age.

    Have listed numbers received since go live.

    File Date No’ of records
    04/07/2011 9
    05/07/2011 6
    06/07/2011 11
    07/07/2011 10
    09/07/2011 13
    10/07/2011 9
    11/07/2011 10
    12/07/2011 12
    14/07/2011 13
    15/07/2011 24
    18/07/2011 10
    19/07/2011 14
    22/07/2011 12
    24/07/2011 27
    26/07/2011 8
    27/07/2011 11
    28/07/2011 19
    29/07/2011 14
    30/07/2011 11
    31/07/2011 20
    01/08/2011 19
    02/08/2011 9
    03/08/2011 13
    04/08/2011 15
    05/08/2011 13
    06/08/2011 9
    07/08/2011 14
    08/08/2011 8
    09/08/2011 5
    10/08/2011 0
    11/08/2011 19
    12/08/2011 19
    13/08/2011 20
    15/08/2011 27
    16/08/2011 9


    They must be renewing tax credit claims geographically then 😀

    Rob Hawes1

    Blimey, we’ve had 1,400 Atlas records since go-live in July. Great for stats, not so great for customer service for anybody other than Tax Credit recipients.



    Has the DWP confirmed when they will be fixing this problem on ATLAS? If yes, can you tell me where I can find this information.

    Thank you

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