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    Hello everyone

    Just wanting clarification on how everyone administers WTC and CTC awards when administering entitlement to HB and CTB, especially in respect of the following issues-

    1. the date used for the award of WTC/CTC, obviously dependent on frequency but would it be fair to say that the award is treated in pretty much the same way you would treat earned income. It is input onto the claim for the period payable.

    2. Is there a definition as to what a one-off payment is? Does it have to be a considerable lower figure than the regular payment thereafter or can it slightly different, i.e. a matter of pence or pounds?

    3. April upratings – what date does everyone use for the commencement date given the query raised in point 1 or does everyone use the 6.4.09 (commencement of tax credit financial year)?

    Hope someone can provide guidance in respect of this matter.

    Kind regards
    June 😕

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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