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    Louise Morritt

    We have a case where customer has been awarded WTC and we have calculated a weekly income and included this in his assessment of income. It turns out that he informed them he was working 30 hours when he was actually working 20 so did not actually qualify for WTC. The IR have now withdrawn his award. He is being asked to repay the overpaid WTC and wants us to remove the WTC as income for the period he has been overpaid.

    He is self-employed so the only way he can pay this back is directly to the IR. It does seem unfair that should WTC have been ongoing or had the IR been able to recover the overpaid WTC by increasing his tax code (which would be taken into account by us), the customer would get the benefit but in the case he wouldn’t.

    Is it just tough luck?

    Grateful for any opinions.


    As far as I understand it, you can only remove the WTC award from the Monday following the decision date. Even though he has been asked to repay the amount on WTC he received, he did nonetheless receive it as income for that period. I’m afraid it is tough luck.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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