Tax Credits (again)

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    Section 12 states that we take into account the actual amount in payment. The intriguing amendment 7 states that we calculate a weekly figure by dividing the yearly award by 366 (leap year), and multiplying by 7. Case study G calculates that we should take into account £30.90 per week. But the award notification shows that a payment of £31.06 per week is being paid to the claimant.

    All our notifications ask claimants to notify ourselves if there are any discrepancies between the amount used in calculation and the amount they receive. By following amendment 7 we are opening ourselves up for at least 500 unnecessary phone calls/letters.

    Does anyone have any further advice/guidance they can offer.

    PS, all our proforma 2s came back ticked as no predictable change of circs, even though this is not the case.

    I won’t even consider that tax credit payments continue until a dependants 19th Birthday even though child benefit may stop several months prior to this.


    I have the exact same problem. An award letter stating £1991.04 annual amount. Weekly payments of 1 @ £38.76 and the rest @ £38.28 – This works out over 52 weeks.
    However, for HB/CTB purposes £1991.04 divided by 366 x 7 = £38.08??? multiply this by 52 and you arrive at £1980.16.

    I have however decided to just follow the IR’s instructions and not loose any sleep over it!!!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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