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    Well, we’ve been talking about it, have a go on this anonymous poll.

    Darren Broughton

    That’s a bit of a loaded question surely?


    What’s a Poll Tax Credit?

    Darren Broughton

    For those of you struggling to understand the award letters, just bear in mind that New Tax Credits is an anagram of “Scan weird text”


    I think not. ๐Ÿ˜‰


    Or it could be

    “Problems? Only very minor. Not sure what the fuss is all about. Actually the thing was a great success. Trebles all round”.

    But not enough letters I suppose.

    ‘We all know the introduction of tax credits did not go smoothly’
    Inland Revenue’s Departmental Report

    Whilst in her introduction to the Inland Revenue’s Spring Departmental Report, Ann Chant, its acting head, acknowledges that ‘we all know the introduction of tax credits did not go smoothly’, she also takes the opportunity to thank EDS, the outgoing tax credit IT company, for its role in helping the Revenue to achieve ‘huge improvements’ in its IT systems and services.

    With the Revenue having announced on 11 December 2003 that EDS had lost its 10-year IT services contract to Cap Gemini Ernst & Young (CGEY), and her predecessor Sir Nicholas Montagu having told MPs a week earlier that the launch of the new tax credits system had gone ‘spectacularly wrong’, Ms Chant says –

    ‘I am confident that in CGEY we have found a partner that can help us fulfil the Governmentโ€™s objectives on modernising public services, welfare reform and the expansion of e-service …
    We thank EDS … for (its) support and positive approach to partnership working … Due in no small part to their efforts we have achieved huge improvements in our IT systems and services.


    Perhaps the poll should be – would you use the actual weekly amount if we authorities all got together and made a unilateral decision to do so…?!


    Neil Adamson

    I like Paul C’s question (and thats not just a case of South Coast solidarity).

    Might be interesting to know if anybody has had to take an assessment to TAS and what they thought?


    If authorities did decide to simply use the weekly figure, what are the chances of us receiving any appeals from customers?

    ‘I wish to appeal against the treatment of my tax credits as you appear to be taking into account the amount I actually receive. It is my understanding you should be taking into account an amount which bears only a passing resembalance to the amount that goes into my bank account, the calculation of would depend on which day of the week you did it and what bit of guidance you decided to rely on’.

    Unlikely to happen, is it? If it ever did we could always dig out a dusty copy of amendment 73 and re-calculate it accordingly.


    To answer St Albans, the only topic on this issue is attached

    I aksed the same question re appeals a while ago and no-one else admitted to taking a case to appeal yet.

    To solve Peter’s anagram it could be done if you take the letters, look at the date that the posting was made (or received), take away the letters already used, divide the remaining letters by 26 (or 24 if using the greek alphabet) and multiply by x.

    Am working on a guidance manual for this which will be ready in December………………….2005 followed by an amendment in January.

    Must qualify this by stating it’s not law just guidance!


    I still actually calculate the damned things. Easy enough early in the year. Its cases with multiple amendments that I do not like…

    I vote to use the figure they are actually paid. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Or is that too sensible? ๐Ÿ™„


    We have just made the decision here to use the actual weekly entitlement because it’s too damn hot to bother with anything more complicated. (Seriously, it is now official policy.) So the poll should now read 9:31. And I am still none the wiser about Poll Tax Credits.


    Andy you jammy s*d!
    How did you manage to swing that one?
    oh how i have prayed for such a change in procedures, i only wish we were brave enough to follow suit… hmm… up the revolution?!?!


    Well, it was tough going, I have to admit. Took me all of 23 milliseconds to get unanimous agreement from my colleagues at the management meeting yesterday. Actually, if you were to take up Peter de la Mothe’s offer of minutes from the IR/DWP/LAA meeting, you might find some information in the covering email that is quite persuasive for the change.

    So about these Poll Tax Credits…?


    Peter’s minutes and accompanying notes are very helpful and should be recommended to anybody wishing to join the revolution!

    i take it you are referring to point C where it is agreed that the award is almost impossible to work out from the IR notifications?
    That is a very good point and i will try and put that across here, however i have a feeling my forehead will be bruised and bleeding by 4pm after throwing it repeatadly against a rather obstinate brick wall of bureaucracy!

    still here goes…

    now did i hear somebody mention poll cats?


    Point D in Peter’s mail is also very useful, where he talks about the DWP honchos privately admitting that tax credits and HB/CTB are currently as compatible as Edwina Currie and Gordon Ramsay (hey, topical!).

    Can I take it that I have got the wrong end of the stick on these Poll Tax Credits, or did the Tories get back in without me noticing?

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