Tax Credits – ‘the contingency’

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    Amendment 6, Section 12 of our bible (the Guide) suggested that there was a possibility of a contingency plan whereby claimants with unprocessed NTC claims might continue to receive payments through the WFTC system after 7th April. Does anyone know any more about this – is it likely that this will be the case? Or will there a different cunning plan? :15:


    We have had one phone call from a claimant who has received her new year HB award letter from us and worried that she will be overpaid because we have removed her WFTC from 7 April 2003 and she is therefore getting a lot more HB. She has made a claim for NTCs and after speaking to us, phoned the IR helpline to enquire as to when her award will be finalised. The IR told her that they will continue to pay her old rate of WFTC beyond 6 April 2003 until her new award is sorted out.

    Now, correct me if I am wrong but that sounds to me as if the IR have invoked their contigency plan! Have they invoked it for certain claimants or will it be a blanket thing! And if so, when were they going to get round to telling LAs.

    The claimant has been back on the phone to us pleading with us to include the old rate of WFTC in her HB claim so as not to be overpaid HB. Unless the IR invoke the contingency rules, I don’t think we can – can we?


    Don’t do it Simon – The DWP are hovering, waiting for a Local Authority to pay WFTC after the 07/04 as a notional figure.
    They’ll hammer you if they don’t invoke the contingency plans for LA’s before that date, it’s all a cunning plan by them to make us so confused that they’ll catch one of us out.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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