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    We have a claimant who is currently carrying out a 3 month teacher placement in order to complete her BSC (Hons) with QTS for Secondary Teaching (3yr).

    She was originally given a 3 year student certificate which gave the course dates as Sep 2003 to Jul 2006 and for this period she was exempt from Ctax (she was also non-eligible for hb).

    She has now made a new claim to us. She has produced a new student certificate from the same university which states the course duration as October 2006 to December 2006. Council Tax have refused an exemption as the course is to last less than 24 weeks.

    She has advised that this course is part of her original degree and is a teacher placement, required in order to attain her qualification She has informed us that she will receive a student loan of £1300 for this period of study.

    Is she still a full-time student for benefit purposes?


    I reckon she is, and from what she has said I would say that your Ctax people have got it wrong – she’s still on the same course she was on originally, even if the student cert doesn’t quite say this.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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