Temporary absence

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    Jo Gregory

    Claimant left household on 20.11.2012 due to fleeing domestic violence (from her partner).  She was placed in a hostel by Social Services.

    She then discovered that her partner died on 22.11.12, but Social Service will not allow her to return home until an assessment has been done.  They need an assessment to determine whether she can return to the property due to her health issues.  Her former parner was her carer.

    She has requested payment on two homes.


    The fear of violence is no longer there, but she cannot return to the property until Social Services give her the ok.  I do not feel like we can grant HB on two homes, as she does not fit the criteria.

    I feel like we can treat her as temoporarily absent from her property, as she has an intention to return. However, she is not in medically approved care home/hospital.  She does receive an element of care and support at the hostel…..but the extent of this is unkown.

    Please can I have some thoughts as to whether you think we can award payment on two homes, or temp absence.


    Many thanks


    Need more information

    What power do social services have to stop her going home (the mental health act for instance?)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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