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    We have 2 new assessors starting shortly and I wonder if anyone has any guidance notes that I could ‘borrow’ which detail the various tenancy types and dates etc in order to give them a really thorough basic understanding of the benefit scheme.

    NDRT – What this means, who has an NDRT tenancy, the dates that apply etc?

    Any help you could give would be most welcome as I have been at this game a while and not sure that I can remember either!!!


    NDRTs were the new deregulated tenancies that started (and I am posting here without notes!!) I believe in Jan 1996 and ran to Oct 1997.
    The distinguishing factor was that at the time we paid half the difference between the contractual rent and the LRR.
    With the ODRT (October deregulated tenancies) we stopped paying half the difference – don’t think you should have any NDRTs any more though.

    I stand to be corrected on this one, as it is from (a very failing) memory.

    (Dribbles into tea and talks to himself) 😳 8)


    Thanks Jon.

    I meant to show that as an example tho as I would like to be able to show the newbies the whole scheme, RT – ODRT etc!

    Thanks for your help but sorry about your tea dribbling!


    We do have a (very) few NDRT cases still in payment. Mainly they are tenancies where the LL is happy to let the tenancy just continue on a month to month basis.

    paul bland

    Attached is a link that sums it up nicely.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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